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2017-06-08 10:36:33 | Bron

McLaren raises 'serious concerns' about Honda F1 relationship

McLaren executive director Zak Brown has expressed "serious concerns" about Honda's capability in Formula 1, following the Japanese manufacturer failing to bring an upgrade to the Canadian Grand Prix [Meer...]
2017-06-07 15:02:31 | Bron

Toto Wolff slams 'baseless' claims Mercedes may quit F1 after 2018

Mercedes has rubbished suggestions by former team boss Eddie Jordan that it could quit Formula 1 after the 2018 season [Meer...]
2017-06-07 13:03:04 | Bron

McLaren F1 team feels junior single-seater style hurt Vandoorne

McLaren says sticking to the driving style he learned during his successful junior single-seater career hampered Stoffel Vandoorne in the early races of the 2017 Formula 1 season [Meer...]
2017-06-07 11:10:06 | Bron

Robert Kubica says Renault F1 test 'shows what I have lost'

Robert Kubica says his first run in a Formula 1 car in six years left him with mixed feelings, as he could see what he had lost [Meer...]
2017-06-07 10:45:51 | Bron

Red Bull F1 technical boss Newey backs proposed 'shield' concept

Red Bull's Adrian Newey has backed Formula 1's proposed 'shield' cockpit protection solution over the halo, but says time is running out for teams to incorporate it into 2018 designs [Meer...]
2017-06-06 18:00:54 | Bron

Robert Kubica tests Renault F1 car for first time since 2011 crash

Robert Kubica has completed his first Formula 1 test since his grand prix career was interrupted by a rallying crash in 2011, driving for Renault at Valencia [Meer...]
2017-06-06 16:56:43 | Bron

Portuguese Grand Prix could return to Formula 1 calendar at Algarve

Algarve circuit owners have begun talks with Formula 1 about bringing the Portuguese Grand Prix back into the championship, Autosport has learned [Meer...]
2017-06-06 14:10:37 | Bron

What is the future for Formula 1 on television under Liberty Media?

Formula 1 bosses say they are already spending "a lot of time" working out how to reshape the way the championship is broadcast for television in the future [Meer...]
2017-06-06 13:59:00 | Bron

Podcast: Williams Formula 1 team 40th anniversary special episode

The latest edition of The Autosport Podcast was recorded at last week's 40th anniversary celebration at Silverstone for the Williams Formula 1 team [Meer...]
2017-06-06 12:57:37 | Bron

Felipe Massa open to extending his Formula 1 return into 2018

Felipe Massa says he is open to extending his stay in Formula 1 beyond the end of the season, having coming out of retirement to compete with Williams in 2017 [Meer...]

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