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2017-06-11 10:17:54 | Bron

Toto Wolff could see Nico Rosberg racing for Ferrari in Formula 1

Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff says he would not be surprised if world champion Nico Rosberg eventually makes a Formula 1 comeback with Ferrari [Meer...]
2017-06-11 01:47:27 | Bron

Fernando Alonso: McLaren-Honda 'very, very competitive' in Canada

Fernando Alonso insisted the McLaren-Honda was "very, very competitive" in Canadian Grand Prix qualifying as he returned to Formula 1 for Montreal [Meer...]
2017-06-11 01:30:04 | Bron

McLaren dominates revived F1 raft race at Canadian Grand Prix

McLaren ended its long victory drought in Formula 1 on Saturday night when it triumphed in the resurrected teams' boat race at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal [Meer...]
2017-06-11 00:41:13 | Bron

Ayrton Senna's family explains Lewis Hamilton helmet gift confusion

The family of Ayrton Senna has moved to clear up confusion about the helmet presentation made to Lewis Hamilton for his 65th Formula 1 pole at the Canadian Grand Prix [Meer...]
2017-06-11 00:30:10 | Bron

Hamilton's Canadian GP pole doesn't mean Mercedes' problems solved

Toto Wolff says Mercedes is still searching for clear answers on how to set up its Formula 1 car for Pirelli's ultra-soft tyre, despite Lewis Hamilton's Canadian Grand Prix pole [Meer...]
2017-06-10 23:25:08 | Bron

Pascal Wehrlein gets new gearbox and old rear wing after crash

Pascal Wehrlein's Sauber is set to need a new gearbox after his Canadian Grand Prix qualifying crash, and will have to revert to an older-spec rear wing [Meer...]
2017-06-10 22:49:12 | Bron

Mercedes' F1 qualifying power is 'scary', says Daniel Ricciardo

Red Bull-Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo has joked that it would be "scary" to have the amount of engine power the Mercedes Formula 1 team has with its qualifying engine modes [Meer...]
2017-06-10 21:12:33 | Bron

Raikkonen says he paid the price for a mistake in F1 qualifying

Kimi Raikkonen said he "paid the price" for a mistake when it counted in the closing moments of Formula 1 qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix. [Meer...]
2017-06-10 21:00:48 | Bron

Sebastian Vettel: Ferrari can still win Canadian Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel believes the Ferrari Formula 1 team has the pace to win the Canadian Grand Prix despite being unable to match Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes in qualifying [Meer...]
2017-06-10 20:53:47 | Bron

Lewis Hamilton given Ayrton Senna helmet for matching F1 pole tally

Lewis Hamilton was presented with a race-worn Ayrton Senna Formula 1 helmet from the Brazilian legend's family after equalling his pole position record in qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix [Meer...]

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